Style: Jenya Volkonska

MUA: Glam by Ann

Model: Weronika Żebrowska

Agency: Uncover Models


If you seek for El Dorado....

So where is this lost city of gold?  Edgar Allan Poe offers an eloquent suggestion: “Over the Mountains of the Moon, down the Valley of the Shadow, ride, boldly ride…
if you seek for El Dorado.”

The origins of El Dorado lie in South America. And like all legends, the tale of El Dorado contains some scraps of truth.
When Spanish explorers reached South America in the early 16th century, they heard stories about a tribe of natives highin the Andes mountains.
When a new king Muisca rose to power, his rule began with a ceremony at Lake Guatavita. Accounts of the ceremony vary, but they consistently say the new ruler was covered with gold dust, and that gold and precious jewels were thrown into the lake to appease and gain favor a god that lived underwater.

We invite you to look what treasures we found.

jewelry: 10 DECOART

photo: Tatiana Pancewicz & Karol Wysmyk 
style: Olla Kowalska

model: Dominika B / Claris Management
make up: Natalia Gorbaczewska-Kuźniak


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